The weekend was a total bust.  My son's high school was in the state tournament, but lost on Saturday in the quarter-final round.  Ohio State didn't have their hearts nor heads in the game and also lost on Saturday.  The Bengals made it a trifecta.

The football game on Sunday night was too frustrating for any good knitting.  Sensing a loss, the third for the weekend I'd have to endure, I went upstairs to read.  I picked up on Monday evening while my husband watched the episode of the Walking Dead he missed because of the Sunday night football.

The shoulder shaping is underway.  I had to wind a new ball of yarn for the one sleeve.  Serious doubts are running through my head about making it to the end with the small ball left for the second sleeve.  I'll probably wind another ball today for insurance purposes.

After the sweater is done, I'll get back to a couple Christmas gifts; finishing the thrummed mittens for Trisha and making a pair of socks for Blake.

Knit Picks had a great yarn sale.  I picked up these goodies.

The next big project is Blake's college blanket.  He picked out the red and blue yarn from a Knit Picks catalog.  He wants a Gradient Blanket.  The designer used Knit Picks Brava, which I ordered.  When the package came, it just didn't look like enough for a blanket.  I then checked the dimensions and realized it is just a throw size.  I may order more yarn and make the blanket a little bit bigger.

While I was photographing the yarn, I noticed my Christmas cacti are blooming.  These plants came from my mom's house.  They always bloomed beautifully for her.  I was worried that they wouldn't like the move, but they seem to have adapted well.