My temporary retirement has begun.  I officially signed out of work on November 13.  Superstitious people would have picked a different day, since it was a Friday the 13th.  But I'm not superstitious.

The first week of my unemployment was spent sorting through the books and papers I brought home from the office.  I also hosted my euchre club.  It still only feels like a vacation.  It hasn't fully hit me yet.  I find myself occasionally wondering what is going on in the office or thinking about what needs to be done on the projects I left.  Then I catch myself and remind myself that it doesn't concern me any longer.

My projects now are of the fiber kind.  I'm nearing completion of the sleeves of the Custom Fit cardi.  I should get them finished tonight while watching a Bengals football game.  After I finish this I need to complete the thrummed mittens for Trisha and make a pair of socks for Blake.

One of the items in my dining room that I haven't yet figured out what to do with is this picture.

This is a crayon drawing of my great-grandmother.  She was born Louise Martin.  She married a man named Joseph Wessell.  My middle name is Louise, named after her.  One of my sisters has the drawing of her husband.  Since I am named after her, my sister thought I would like the drawing of her.  The picture is well over 120 years old and very fragile.  It has no frame.  I need to find a frame for this and figure out a good place to hang it where it won't get direct sunlight or high humidity.

This week is Thanksgiving.  The girls will be coming home for the weekend.  I bought the turkey and some of the ingredients for the side dishes.  I'll need to sit down and write out the game plan.

But now it is back to knitting.