More Waiting and Knitting

My temporary retirement continues.  The latest word from my vendor is that the job for which I interviewed has run into a snag.  Another vendor working with the client has asked for more money, a lot of money!  Since that vendor is the prime contractor on the job and my vendor is a sub to them, my position has taken a backseat.  It is not likely that my position will have funding.  My vendor is now looking for other positions for me.

Since things are not going as planned with vendor 1, I reached out to another vendor.  I'll call her vendor 2.  Vendor 2 has a position that is a good fit for me.  I have an interview on Tuesday for that.  Wish me luck!

Last weekend I went down to Cincinnati to visit my mom.  While there I finished my Basic Ribbed Socks.  I couldn't stop myself from slipping them on my feet.  They fit like a dream!!  I was so excited.  When I got home I let them soak for a while and let them dry.   Sadly, when I put them on again I realized that their little bath caused the yarn to loosen.  They were too big!  In an act of desperation, I machine washed and dried them.  They now fit much better.  They are not quite as snug as I would like, but they'll do.

I'm making progress on Relax.  The pattern calls for a line of eyelets along the outer edges of the front and back pieces.  The eyelets are made every 10th row.  In between is miles of stockinette.  Each time I pick up this piece, I can't do more than those 10 rows.  It is mindless knitting, good for car rides or watching television.

In my last post I mentioned that Blake got accepted to the University of Cincinnati to study engineering.  It has been my tradition to knit each of my children a blanket to take to college with them.  Blake picked out the Gradient Blanket for his pattern.  He asked that I make it in blue and red.  I decided to make it a little wider than called for in the pattern.  I should have enough yarn.  I calculated the halfway point for each color so I'll know if I'm going to make it or not.  If I don't, I'll be ordering more from Knit Picks.

The organization of the craft room is still in progress.  I now have all the fabric on one side of the shelves and the bins of yarn are going up on the other side.  There is also a big bag of yarn that I will put up for adoption.  I also created a bin of UFOs.  My goal is to intersperse a UFO project with my other projects. Now that I've finished the socks, I'll pull something from the bin to take its place.  I figure if I maintain the bin I can always toss a project into it if I get bored with it.