Still Seeking Employment

At the present time I have 8 consulting job submissions and 17 regular position applications outstanding.  I've heard that I was passed over on a couple consulting gigs and one regular position.  I am continuing to scourer the Internet and take phone calls from recruiters.  In moments of fatigue I get very worried and anxious.  Ed is trying to help, but he is contributing to my anxiety.  He hasn't directly said he doesn't think I'm looking hard enough, but he hasn't denied it either when I asked him.  I think he doesn't realize that this process is a lot of waiting.  I'm trying not to get upset with him.  I know he is getting concerned now that we are dipping into the savings to pay our bills.  But we knew that might happen when I left my job.  We have a solid amount in savings so we are not in dire straits financially.  I firmly believe I will have a job within another month or two.

As I mentioned previously, I have been working on cleaning up my craft room and getting my stash organized.  During this activity I discovered lots of UFOs.  I'm pulling a few out to work on as stress relievers.

The Falling In Love scarf is a project that I had in my office for years.  I don't remember when I bought the yarn and pattern, but I do remember that I used birthday money from my mom and dad for it.  The yarn is a yummy cashmere/merino blend from Karabella named Boise.

When I cleaned out my office this project came home and got tossed in the UFO bin.  I decided to start working on it as my take along project.  It is very portable.  I'm falling back in love with it.

Blake's Gradient blanket is moving along.  It does get boring since it is miles of stockinette.  I will get it done in plenty of time for him to take it to college.  I have 5+ months to finish it.

Relax is also moving along slowly.  I am up to the increases below the armhole.  It is a good, mindless project.  Looking at the other photos on Ravelry for this project, this photo is a truer representation of the color.  Last week while I was knitting on it while visiting my mom, she commented that she loved the color.  I have to agree.  It is a soft shade of orange.

The spinning of the yak is slowly coming along.  The fibers are so fine I end up covered in them after I'm done.  It helps if I wear jeans instead of my usual yoga pants when I spin it.

Knitting UFOs are not the only projects in my craft room.  There are numerous quilting UFOs.  I can't remember when I bought these Block of the Month kits.  Whenever it was I started working on the first 3 months but stopped.  They have been retrieved from the depths of the craft room and will (hopefully) get finished over the next year.

At this point you may be thinking "Gee, she has a lot of craft projects going.  Her husband might be right that she isn't devoting much time to the job search."  In my own defense, it may appear that I am doing nothing but crafting, but that isn't true.  Just compare the progress from one post to the next and you'll see things are moving very slowing on the craft front.  And refer to the number of positions for which I've applied.  As I mentioned earlier, I am keeping my spending in check.  To do that, I am not leaving the house much.  My crafting is the mental break in between hours of job hunting.  A girl's gotta do something to break up the monotony.