May Flew By Like a Bird

May was a flurry of activity.  Some happy.  Some heartbreaking.

Blake's Senior Prom was on April 30.  He didn't have a date but still went and had fun, which made me happy for his choice.  I'm a bit biased, but I think he looks absolutely handsome!

The next weekend was filled with activities for Kristin's graduation from the University of Dayton.  She and her roommates hosted a party on Saturday afternoon.  I shocked my children by knowing how to play Flip Cup.  They didn't realize their mom  knew college drinking games.  After the party we visited other parties and then went out to dinner.  The commencement ceremony was held on Sunday morning.  Before helping Kristin pack up her apartment, we walked around campus to take some photos of her in her cap and gown.  In the picture below we are standing on the steps of her freshman year dorm.

Ed continues to make improvement with his shoulder.  He was permitted to remove the sling after 4 weeks.  Physical therapy is 3 times per week.  His range of motion is improving but he is getting anxious to start back to his regular exercise routine.  He is still not permitted to run or lift weights.

My work routine is fairly settled.  I enjoy the 8+ block walk each morning and afternoon between my car and the office.  There are still some things that would make the environment better, but the hiring manager is working on those.  I really enjoy the work and the people are very nice and thoughtful.

The heartbreaking part of May came a week ago Thursday when my mom passed away.  I was at work that day when my brother messaged everyone to say the nursing home just called to say he needed to come right away.  Once he got there he sent another message telling whomever can get there to come right away.  I dashed out of the office, ran to my car and drove to Cincinnati.  Fortunately I was able to make it and be with Mom during the last few hours.  

This past week was a blur, filled with preparations, visitation and funeral.  We gathered up pictures.  Here is one from my rehearsal dinner.

My mom loved birds.  Her favorite bird was a Carolina wren.  In her room was a clock that had a different bird call to chime each hour.  The 4:00 bird chirped and then we noticed she was no longer breathing.  We later realized that the 4:00 bird was a wren.  It was very fitting that her soul was carried away by the song of a wren.  At her funeral, as her casket was carried in, a chimney swift flew into the church.  It flew around the altar for most of the mass.  The priest mentioned that back in Old Testament times, birds were considered the messengers of angels.  My siblings and I were comforted by watching the bird and considered it an appropriate send off for Mom.

I'm missing the 2 ladies in this picture.  Mom is now reunited with Dad in Heaven.  Hopefully I will see her again some day.  Kristin is away on a trip to Thailand and Indonesia.  She wanted to take an adventure before starting dental school.  Unfortunately, she missed her grandmother's funeral, but I'm sure Mammaw is watching over her.  She left for her trip 2 days after Mom died.  She didn't know if she should go or not, but I told her that Mammaw and Pampaw loved to travel and would not want her to miss her trip.

Among picture of Mom was this cute one.  Mom had told us that when she was young, travelling photographers would come by.  This was a photo taken by one of them.  Mom is probably 2 or 3 years old.

This one is one of my favorites.  I'm the one standing on the right.  This was the "little side yard" of the house where we grew up.  The house in the background belonged to our neighbors Pete and Vi.

This is a photo of Mom's family, taken probably in 1928.  Mom is the baby on Grandma's lap.  

The only knitting that has occurred lately happened during a brief respite on Tuesday.  I was able to get a few minutes of quiet, alone time out on my sister's deck.  Her dogs kept me company while I knit on Relax