Superbulky Grandpa

While I was posting my last blog entry, my husband was on the phone booking a cruise for our anniversary.  Later this year we will celebrate 28 years of marriage by taking a cruise from NYC up through New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  I hope the fall colors are out and we get to see the Aurora Borealis.  Thinking about the weather that we might encounter on the cruise, I decided I needed to make a special sweater for the trip.  Superbulky Grandpa had recently popped up in Ravelry so I gave it a look.  It seemed perfect for what I wanted, something to throw over a top and add a scarf if necessary.

Later in the day I went out to run some errands and stopped in the store to buy some yarn.  That evening I knit a gauge swatch.  The curious thing about the pattern is that it lists two different gauges.  Based upon the finished bust measurements, I should make the XL, but since my gauge matched the tighter gauge I decided I needed to do a little math to see if it would work out.  According to my calculations I decided I needed to knit the XXL.   Since this is a top down sweater, I figure I won't have long until I know if this was the right decision or not.

While I was out running errands that day, I also stopped into my favorite LYS.  The shop owner asked me if I would like a temporary part-time job to help her get ready for a special event she is having in June.  Of course I said "Yes!"  I have been helping her and her staff hank and tag hundreds of skeins of Manos.  Not surprisingly, I have loved every minute of my time there.  It is yarn heaven!!