Between work and home, life has been utter chaos.

Like April, May was a very rainy month.  In the evening of May 22, we discovered our sump pump failed.  My husband discovered it when he went to the basement to get something and stepped in 4 inches of water at the base of the stairs.  The insurance company was called and they sent out a water remediation company.  Two guys spent the entire day hulling water-logged stuff thrown in big plastic garbage bags up to the garage.  I had to sort through the bags and inventory everything.  They also pulled up all of the carpet (the basement was finished).  Afterwards, they removed the baseboards, drilled holes every 4 inches around the perimeter and then set up 20 fans and 4 dehumidifiers to dry out the basement.  Four days later the basement was declared dry and mold free. Since then almost every moment at home is spent doing something to deal with the chaos:  preparing the insurance claim, throwing out damaged and/or water-logged items, repairing holes in the drywall made by the remediation company, shopping for flooring to replace the carpet.  Ed is currently fixing the holes.  Once he finishes that step I will paint over the holes.  We decided on a vinyl laminate for the floor instead of carpeting. That will go down after the walls are repaired.

Work has also been in a state of chaos.  A project I am working on isn't going well.  I've been putting in long hours and coming home exhausted.

In between all this I helped my favorite LYS get ready for a special Manos event.  The first evening that I helped, I copied patterns.  The rest of the evenings were spent hanking and tagging hundreds of skeins of yarn.  Those of us who were there started playing a guessing game regarding the colorway names.  There are some very interesting names!

There hasn't been too much time for knitting.  I have made a little progress on Superbulky Grandpa and Drachenfels

The yoke is finished on SBG.  It is beginning to look like a real jacket.

Drachenfels is not quite to the home stretch.  I'm finished with Color A and am in the section of alternating ridges of Colors B and C.  It is almost mindless garter stitch knitting, perfect for in front of the television, but I haven't had much TV time lately.  I've noticed that once I sit down, I start falling asleep.

I do need to get these two projects finished because the stash is growing.

At the Manos event, I bought two skeins of Manos Marina.  These two pretty skeins will eventually become Quinoa.

These purchases weren't the only ones made lately.  My friend and I also stopped by another LYS's event for Baah! yarn.  There I bought three skeins of La Jolla to make Paris By Day.  

The weekend before, she and I stopped by the Mid Ohio Fiber Festival.  Two skeins of recycled cashmere lace weight, a bag of English angora fiber and a yarn bundle in a beautiful green jumped into my bag.

So, you see, I have plenty to keep my busy.  Now all I need is the time and energy to devote to it.