How 'bout them bananas?

One of these days, when I have more discretionary time, I want to learn more about photography.  A friend from work bought herself a digital SLR camera and took a class from a local camera store.  While showing off her photos at work, on of the older guys in our department revealed that he apprenticed under Ansel Adams.  He has some very nice photos to prove he learned a lot.  Looking at the pictures they have taken makes me want to learn. 

Ed recently asked if I could take some pictures of the bands he got from some geese while hunting.  Tracy gave me advice about how to do the close ups.  I've been experimenting a little, but I need to put more effort into commiting the settings to memory.  The other night I shot the bananas on the table.  Here's my favorite shot.  I really like the lighting in this one.  It almost looks like a painting to me.

Here's my close up.  It came out quite nicely, especially considering I didn't use a tripod.

Too bad I don't remember the settings I used!  One of these days I'll remember to write it down.


Cat said…
Watch out, Kathy, that photography thing can get addictive! My advice is to forget the notes and just go and take pictures. Then, when you read something or hear something you play with it until it's just part of your mental toolkit.
For example, the other day I was talking to A and he says that the first thing he does when he starts to shoot is a, b, and c. I always started with c, but now I try to add a and b as well. If you had told me a few weeks ago to always do all three I would have laughed at you, but now that c is nailed I can add a and b.
O.k. that's enough early-morning blather.