Got 2 Soles (and a couple other things)

I finished the two soles for Trisha's slippers.  As I mentioned last week, they are a little wonky since I practiced knitting backwards.  The tension should even out as they are worn.  I'll work on these tomorrow while watching the Super Bowl.   The tops of the slippers work up very fast.

I had to go back down to Cincinnati this week for another funeral.  A family friend passed away.  This lady was also the mother of my friend who lost her husband last year.  This was the third funeral in six months.  I think that is enough.
While I was staying at Mom's I worked a little more on Pure Love.  This is definitely a project where I have to concentrate and not have any sort of distractions.  My progress is slow, but it is worth it.  I'm still absolutely in love with this yarn and the pattern.

On my way down to Mom's I stopped at Fiberge yarn shop. It is the shop where I purchased the pattern and yarn for the girls' slippers. This time I bought some Malabrigo sock in Archangel colorway. OMG! I understand now why people are in love with Malabrigo. I'm making myself a pair of socks using the pattern Little Minx. It is a little difficult doing the traveling twisted stitches with size 1 needles but my fingers are getting acclimated to it.  This pattern uses Judy's Magic Cast On.  This was the first time I tried it.  It is so easy.  I will definitely use it again for toe-up socks.

The weather today is wet and dreary.  It was a mix of rain and snow earlier.  Now it is just cold and overcast.  I wish winter would just roll in for a little bit.