First February Finish

One of the blogs I follow (unfortunately can't remember which one though) mentioned that February is finishing month. Last night I finished Trisha's ballet slippers. I knit both tops last night and then worked in the ends. Trisha spent the night at a friend's house, so she couldn't model them. I slipped them on to take this picture. Please ignore my legs. Because of the perspective, my legs look monstrous.  I have wool to make myself a pair, but I'm going to hold off and try to finish another project.

There's finally some snow on the ground.  It's not as much as I had hoped, but I'll take it.  A blast of arctic air followed it, so it is going to stick around for a few days.  You can see in this picture that my little flag is blowing around a bit.

No footprints in the snow on the front walk.  There should be one set.  Our paper didn't show up this morning.  My Saturday routine starts with making a pot of tea and some breakfast, then I sit down with the paper as I eat a quite meal.  The kids are usually still asleep and Ed sits in his office catching up on work.

Here's the view from the back door.

I have to venture out in the cold later this morning to pick up my car.  After coming back from Cincinnati last week, I noticed that it was leaking a pink fluid.  We took it into the dealer to have it repaired.  The water pump was the culprit. Since it was covered under the power train warranty, there isn't any charge for the repair.  I really don't want to think about getting another car right now, but this is the second power train related repair in the past 7-8 months.  I'd like to go at least another year before shopping for a new vehicle.  My car is paid off, but we are still paying for Ed's and the car the girls drive.  I'd like to get one of those paid off before incurring another car payment.

Kristin submitted a couple scholarship applications this week.  I think she's anxious to go away.  She and her 'boyfriend' broke up this week.  They've had a roller coaster relationship for about a year and a half.  I told her she needs to forget him (Cee Lo song comes to mind - the unedited version : p ) and focus on finishing up her senior year and going off to college.  She hurting a lot right now but I think her friends are supporting her.  She doesn't talk to me about these kind of things, but I can see in her eyes that she is heart-broken.  I told her she deserves someone who treats her with respect and dignity, and not set rules that apply to her but not himself.  One of life's hard lessons.  Good to learn them now.