Sunny Saturday

It's hard to believe that February is half over.  Time is flying by.

Blake has decided that he wants to get in shape for the summer.  I've caught him watching the P90X infomercials.  He asked if we could buy the set of DVDs, but I told him that I have a friend that would loan them to us for a while.  After we got the disks, he went online and found the workout schedule.  He figures he'll have six-pack abs by the end of May.  He started yesterday with the Chest & Back and the Ab Ripper workouts.  He's downstairs right now doing plyometrics.  I'm proud of him for taking this on.  Other people who have done them have told me that they are hard workouts, but effective.  I hope he sticks with it.  I need to remind him that he should shower after each one.  

Last week I mentioned that it was Finish February. I dug out the Go Live Minimalist Cardi to work on. This has become my take along project. The first sleeve is almost to the shaping. It will be stretch for me to get it done by the end of the month. I'm determined not to pick up any other project until this is done.

Did I mention last week that Kristin wants to knit herself an Infinity scarf?  I wrote out a pattern for her and took her to the LYS to pick out yarn and a needle.  She and I sat down to learn a few stitches.  The pattern only involves knit, yarn-over, and knit 2 together stitches.  I hope she catches the knitting bug.  I've always hoped the girls would share one of my hobbies with me.

I signed up for a spinning class at the LYS.  During the 2 hour class I will get to use both a wheel and a spindle.  I bought a spindle last summer, but have never learned to use it.  I'll have to dig it out and take it along for the class.

Last week in the mail I received a jury duty summons.  I'm required to spend at least a week downtown at the courthouse.  Trying to think positively about it I decided I would use the week to make some major progress on some UFOs.  Unfortunately, knitting needles are forbidden in the courthouse.  Bummer!!  I'll have to find some other diversion.


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