Thick As Pea Soup

The temperatures have risen over the past few days and rain has moved into the area.  As a result the air is saturated.  This morning I woke up to dense fog.  The pictures below are deceptive.  They make the visibility seem a bit better than it truly was.  Hopefully the fog proves a blessing for Ed.  He got up early to duck hunt.  He hasn't had much luck this season since it didn't get cold until recently.   Today is supposed to be dry and warm.  More rain is moving in tonight.  The prediction is for an inch of rain over night and another inch tomorrow.  I'm afraid there is going to be serious flooding in southern Ohio as a result of this rain and the snow melt.

I finally finished the Minimalist Cardi.  I seamed it together during the National Championship football Monday night.  I'm not completely happy with how this looks on me but it isn't the sweaters fault.  I think I should have made the next size up, but since it doesn't have buttons or other closures, it looks OK on me.  I wore it to work one day this week.  I think the shirt I had on under it was probably a bit too full.  Next time I'll try wear something a bit more form fitting and see how it looks.  I am also trying to lose some weight, so hopefully the size issue will disappear after I make some pounds disappear.

I needed something to entertain me because Notre Dame's performance on the field certainly wasn't doing it.  At halftime, Ed went to bed and I turned on Netflix to start watching the first season of Downton Abbey.  I believe I've mentioned sometime in the past that I tend to latch onto a popular show later than most.  I was curious about Downton Abby and got hooked right away.  I have the DVR set to record season 3.  I have finished watching season 1 on Netflix.  I need to figure out how to watch season 2.  Netflix doesn't have it yet.

They say the key to losing weight is exercise.  I certainly got enough yesterday.  Ed and I moved Kristin to her new dorm.  She transferred universities over the break.  Her new room is on the 4th floor of an older dorm that doesn't have an elevator for student use.  We had to carry all of her stuff up 4 flights of stairs.  Another artifact of the older building is that the floors are designated:  Ground - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.  It truly was 4 flights of steps to get to the 4th floor.

Kristin's new roommate lived alone last semester and left for break not know anyone would be moving in with her.  She warned Kristin that the room was going to be a mess.  Kristin got to move in on Friday since she is a transfer student.  Returning students don't come back until Sunday.  We helped Kristin push stuff aside so that she could walk into the room.  We then moved the girl's stuff out of Kristin's closet and into the other closet.  The girl told Kristin she could move things around however she wanted, but Kristin decided to wait until the roommate comes on Sunday.  Ed and I then helped move the junk on one bed over to the bed on the left in the picture below so Kristin would at least have a place to sleep.  I wiped the mattress down with Clorox wipes and made it up for Kristin.  As a mom, it was very hard leaving her in that state.  I hope the roommate is able to clean up her mess.  Kristin likes her room tidy.  It will drive her crazy if she has to live with a messy roommate.

The pug knitting is slowly coming along.  I'm halfway through the body.  The only trouble I'm having is the tight gauge.  My fingers don't like it.  Thank goodness this is a quick knit or else I'd never manage to finish it.