Needing a Long Winter's Nap

I know I'm a week late.  Lately that is normal.  Life is just too busy.

We finally wrapped up our Christmas celebrations.  My husband's parents weren't around this year for Christmas.  Normally we spend Christmas Eve with them, but this year they decided to head south.  They came back last week so we had them over for dinner on Sunday.  I prepared again the Christmas feast, having done it once already for the season on Christmas Eve.  We had a nice time Sunday, but now I'm ready to put the decorations away and hibernate for the rest of the winter.

Honestly, I have about 2 more weeks to get through and then I can hibernate for the winter.  At work, the project I have been working on for a year is getting migrated to the production environment over the weekend of January 18-22.  I will probably work close to 40 hours that weekend alone.  Once it is done, I will remind the CIO of my company that he promised me some long overdue down time.  I won't be able to do it, but I would love to camp out in a cabin for several days and do nothing but eat, sleep, spin and knit.  First prohibiting factor is that I don't have a cabin to use.  Second prohibiting factor is family obligations.  As much as I wish I could disappear for a while, it really isn't worth it because when I come back things were so neglected while I was away it takes weeks to recover.

Last week I finished the cowl I was knitting in the previous post.  Without thinking, I boxed it up and shipped it off to a friend.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  I could kick myself!!!  I have more yarn so I guess I will just have to knit myself one.

Hopefully I won't make the same mistake with this project.

These are the legs of a knit pug I am making for my niece.  She owns a pug named Odie. Hopefully he'll turn out as cute as the model with the pattern.