Starting the post with a picture of a flower from the front of my house.  We have terribly neglected our landscaping this year.  Most of my day lilies have fallen victim to Ed's habit of spraying Round Up.  This flower is up against the house and away from where he normally sprays.  It was a surprise bit of color this week.

I turned the heel on the Thelonious sock.  It is moving along, but I made a mistake somewhere.  Somewhere up the leg where the two pattern sections merge, I decreased stitches.  I went from 64 to 56.  It really isn't a big deal given that my calves are proportionally bigger than my feet and ankles.  The problem is that I don't quite know how I did it.  I need to figure it out so I can reproduce it on the second sock.

This is where Kristin's blanket stands.  I have noticed that I was the only one working on it.  It was supposed to be a joint project.  The blanket is still sitting on the ottoman in the family room, so I guess I will be the one to finish it up.  Why won't Kristin help?

Because she is now moved back to college.  Here she is with her roommates.  Ed and I moved her into her place this afternoon.  As soon as things were unloaded, she was telling us 'Good bye'.  I had hoped we could go to lunch together, but the girls and the guys across the hall had plans already.  Last year my feelings would have been hurt, but I've adapted to her being in college.  This behavior was natural.  They haven't seen each other since May.  I've had her all summer.  To be honest, part of me is happy to see her back in school.  It was nice having her home but it was time to have her go back to her own world.

One less child in the house means one fewer distraction.  This week was successful in terms of my new healthy strategy.  I was able to keep on track with my eating and exercise.  Today is an off day for me.  I figure I got exercise by moving Kristin's stuff into her place.  My weight is down a bit, so I'm happy with this past week's progress.