The Last First

It is back to school time.  Trisha had her last First Day of school.  (Sorry that the photo is sideways.  I can't figure out how to rotate the image.  I tried HTML commands, but Blogger ignored them.  grrrrr!)  She was up and excited, off to school with her lemon-strawberry water. 

Blake wasn't quite as excited.  He did manage a smile for this picture, but the scowl returned as soon as he heard the click.

Only a little knitting this week.  I want to get Kristin's blanket finished before I see her in a couple weeks.

After 4 skeins, it is at 34 inches.  I have one more skein here.  I may head out to the store today to get more.  Hopefully they will have one or two more.  I'll really have to dedicate myself if I have any hope to get through 3 more skeins in 2 weeks.  I better have the ibuprofen ready for the aching wrists.

I got a little spinning in yesterday.  Before I could do that I had to buy myself a new chair.  Blake stole my chair to use in his room.  He made himself a desk and is now studying up there.  I didn't want to discourage that so I didn't insist on getting my chair back.  However, I think the main reason is so that he can save time going between his books and his gaming system.  I'll have to keep a close watch on his grades to make sure he is dedicating himself to his work.