Need to Pick Up the Pace A Bit

Olympic view has happened every night, but not Ravellenic knit.  I'm a bit behind schedule on knitting.  The pattern calls for 14 repeats of the budding lace motif.  I am in the middle of the 12th repeat. After that I have 22 rows for the Lily of the Valley motif, 10 rows of lace border, 8 rows of scalloped lace edging and then bind off.  I have to get cranking.  I also hope I have enough yarn.  It will be a major failure if I get near the finish line and run out of yarn.  I'm not going to get discouraged yet.  Keep pushing forward!  This is what makes the games exciting.

Speaking of exciting games, I watched the USA vs Russia men's hockey game this morning.  Wow!!! Couldn't have asked for a more exciting game.  It was hard to cheer against the Russian goal tender Sergei Bobrovski.  He is the goal tender for the Columbus Blue Jackets, my favorite NHL team. 3 other Blue Jackets played for Russia, but I didn't hear their names mentioned much during the contest.  Bob did a great job, but not so great that Russia won.  He needs to shake it off and get back into the groove when he returns to Columbus after the Sochi games.

On one final note, I didn't get the Navajo knitting scarf finished by Valentine's Day.  I will finish it shortly after the Swallowtail shawl is complete.  It will be nice to get 2 finished objects done during the beginning of the year.  Maybe I'll shoot for one finished object a month.  Hmm, that will be a big stretch goal.  I do have a major project planned that cannot be done in a month.  And I have Trisha's college blanket to work on.  I'll have to think through this goal thing a little more.