Leftover Pi

 Friday was Pi Day - March 14, or expressed numerically 3.14.  Actually, you could say this is Pi Month since this is the third month of year 14.  To celebrate, I pulled out the hibernating Pi Shawl.  I am resisting the urge to go by more yarn and begin a new project.  I have a rather large project planned for my niece and I don't want to distract myself with something else.  That is the beauty of hibernating projects.  They can feel new again and satisfy startitis.

Spring is trying to break here in Ohio.  There are signs that life is emerging from the deep freeze that we've had.  My daffodils are starting to poke out of the ground.  We are supposed to have a couple more nights below freezing so these may get their tips nipped, but they will survive.  It is wonderful to see signs of green, which happens to be my favorite color.

I do appreciate other colors also, such as the colors of a spectacular sunset.  This was the sunset last Sunday evening.  Ed and I were in the family room when I happened to glance toward the front of the house.  Through our dining room window I noticed a pink glow.  I got up to see what it was from and was struck by how beautiful the sky was.  

Beautiful sunsets always bring me joy.  The house I grew up in sits at the top of a hill overlooking a valley to the west.  The living room has a large picture window.  I don't know how many sunsets I watched while sitting on the couch after dinner.  I would watch the sun dip below the opposite hill and fill the sky with color. 
My current home doesn't have a good view of the horizon.  I don't usually see the sunset anymore because I am busy with dinner and evening chores.  When I am gifted with ones like this, I consider it a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, I feel like I have to acknowledge a few I've had recently.  

I recently changed roles at work and am now in a position that I've wanted for several years.  I have a lot to learn but I feel like I am finally in a position where I can contribute fully to my department.  It is rewarding to feel that my abilities are now getting utilized and appreciated.

Wednesday was my 50th birthday.  It is a blessing to have my life and good health.  It is funny, but I don't feel 50, nor do I think I look it.  But for that matter, I haven't asked anyone what 50 looks like.  Some people have asked if 50 bothers me.  Honestly it doesn't.  When I look around me at the people in my life who are in their 50s, I see a group of happy, vital people.  It looks like a great decade to be in.  I will admit to one bit of vanity.  I invested in some skin care products marketed as anti-aging.  I figure it is time to up the ante a bit in that area before things get out of control.

Another blessing in my life is my greatest blessing, my family.  I have the most wonderful husband and fantastic children.  They are the primary reason I am grateful for the life I have.