Rainy Saturday

March has two days left to change things up and go out like a lamb.  Today is cold and rainy.  It would be a good day to stay curled up on the couch and knit but I have plans to explore a couple new stores.  Since I don't know if they are open on Sundays, I'm going to venture out today.  After that, though, I will be settled in for the day.  I plan to make a pot of chili for dinner and relax.  Since I hosted my card club Thursday night, I was able to get my housecleaning finished before the weekend.  It is nice to have the agenda open.

Yesterday Blake and I visited the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. It has been years since I was there.  It is such an interesting place.  Blake and I were amazed at how much technology has advanced.  In less than 66 years man went from the first manned flight to walking on the moon.  We quickly walked through all of the exhibits.  We want to go back and explore some more, taking time to read more of the descriptions of the aircraft.  One of my favorite exhibits was the tribute to Bob Hope.  I explained to Blake about how Bob Hope hope was so dedicated to the USO and risked his life to entertain the troops every year.  

While we were in the Dayton area we drove through Wright State University's campus.  Blake is thinking about majoring in engineering for college.  Wright State has a very good engineering school.  Blake is putting that school on his list of universities to consider. We also ate lunch as LaRosa's.  LaRosa's is a Cincinnati pizza chain that has expanded out a bit beyond the Cincinnati area.  I grew up eating LaRosa's but can't get it often anymore because there aren't any restaurants in central Ohio.  While we were there, I noticed they now sell their pizza sauce to take home.  I bought a few jars for myself and a friend who also grew up in the Cincinnati area.  I won't be able to totally replicate the pizza at home, but I will have their sauce.  It is a good start.

Not much has happened on the knitting front.  I got a few more rounds of the Pi Shawl finished.  There isn't a picture because there is no visible difference from last week's photo.

In a couple weeks I will be going to Stitches South with a friend.  I'm excited because I am taking Amy Herzog's class.  I need to round up my supplies for the class.  That will be next weekend's project.