Checking the (Button)box

Buttonbox is finished except for the blocking.  I wove in the ends and sewed the buttons today.  A quick try-on was a bit of a disappointment though.  It is a little snugger than I had hoped.  With a good blocking, and a few more pounds off my body, it should fit nicely.  I took a couple pictures while I was wearing it but deleted them.  Not so much because of the fit, but mainly because of the toothpaste splatters on the bathroom mirror.  ( I know...gross!  Sorry.)

I modified the pattern a little bit.  I left off the pockets and I did the collar as one continuous section.  If I make another vest I will make a couple other modifications.  I will do a few more repeats of the pattern before the waist shaping.  I think I would have liked it to be a bit longer to cover my belly.  Also, I would make the collar a bit wider.  My quick try-on had it wanting to stand up against the back of my neck.  A wider collar might alleviate that problem.

I am quite happy with how it turned out though.  This was a big leap of faith for me since I am a new spinner.  I am happy with how the yarn behaved while I knit and the final product is just as I envisioned. My only concern is that it may pill with wear. We'll see how it holds  up.

I promise I will someday post a picture of me wearing this.  Winter is far from over.  I'm sure there will be many opportunities for me to wear it.