T is for Tried

Every year it is the same story.  I wait too long to make my To Do list for Christmas. There are too many handmade items on the list.  In the end, not everything gets done.  This year was no different.  It doesn't matter though.  The true meaning of Christmas is about this.

The Buttonbox vest is in the finishing stages.  I'm doing the collar a little differently than directed.  The instructions have the left and right plackets bound off before the collar is made. I decided I wanted one continuous bind off.  I'm doing the collar short rows before doing the last left side row.  Then I will bind off all the away around.  I hope I didn't make an error in my logic.

The buttons are ready to go.  They will blend in with the fabric.  My sister suggested changing out the buttons with the different seasons.

The helmet hats for the nephews are coming along.  I'll get these done in the next week or two and send them down to them.

Now it is time to get the boxes put away.  The decorations will stay up until the weekend after New Year's.