Now for Today's Real Post

Last week when I put in my blog entry, I thought I had published it.  Apparently not.  This morning I discovered that the post was still in draft status.  It was just posted.  Since I have more to say for this week, today will have two posts.

Last night I began using one of my Christmas presents.  My niece works for Sam Adams brewery.  She gave me a couple glasses and a half case of beer.  We're keeping the beer in our sun room since it is so cold in there.  Perfect for chilling this brew.  This was mighty tasty with the pizza and salad we had for dinner.

Buttonbox is nearly finished.  The collar is done.  Now on to the armholes.  After that I need to put the buttons on, weave in the loose ends and block.  Hopefully by this time next week I'll be able to wear this.

The helmet hats for my nephews are coming along.  The top of the helmets are done.  Next is the back flap.  I am a little concerned that I may not have enough yarn to do them completely as planned.  I am making them at the same time so that neither boy is favored.  Since they are brothers, I want them to receive them at the same time.

I am embarking on a rather ambitious project.  Below is the practice piece for it.  This is the Sample Shawl to Knit from the Gossamer Webs Design Collection.

My niece who gave me the beer got engaged recently.  Her wedding isn't until 2015. Since she is my God-daughter I want to do something special for her.  I want to make her an heirloom shawl as a wedding gift.  I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to tell her to wear it for her wedding.  It will be hers to do with as she wishes.  I just want her to have something special.  She and her fiance both are gainfully employed. They commented at Christmas that they don't know what to put on their registry because they have most of their household items already.  Since one of the most treasured wedding gifts that I received was a handmade lace table cloth from my sister, I thought making something for her would be what I do.

The shawl I'm thinking of making will be like an Orenberg lace shawl.  I might use some motifs that are not the traditional Orenberg patterns, but it will follow that style.  The yarn in the sample above has too much halo effect.  I want to find a smooth fine lace weight.  My friend and I were perusing websites yesterday.  I found a few candidates.  My friend suggested buying a sample skein of each of the candidates and test knit with them.  I may have to do that since I need to make sure I can keep to the schedule I'll have to set for this project.