Proud Mama Moment

 Raising children isn't easy.  As any parent knows there are moments of utter frustration. Sometimes, way too many moments.  But when your child makes you proud, all of the frustrations are forgotten.  Friday was one of those days.

We traveled to Ann Arbor to attend Kristin's White Coat ceremony.  The ceremony was her official induction into dental school and the dentistry profession.  The event introduced her class.  Each student was presented with a white lab coat with their name and the Michigan M embroidered on the lapel.

Her dad and I are so proud of the hard work she has put in to get to this point.

As well as her sister

and brother.

After the ceremony we went over the dental school building for a reception.  Kristin showed us her lab space.  She'll spend a lot of time over the next two years at this workstation.

After the reception, we walked back to her apartment, stopping at a convenience store to pick up a few things for a little happy hour.  Later in the evening we walked into town for dinner.  The following day a professional soccer game was to be played in Michigan Stadium.  Ann Arbor had a small festival to celebrate the event.  As we walked around we saw many other dental school families.  We also saw other characters.  This one in particular caught a lot of people's eyes.  Since I am a graduate of The Ohio State University, all I can say to this is here's proof that rooting for Michigan is going to the dark side.

The long car ride there and back helped me make progress on the linen top.  The back (or is it the front?) is finished and I'm working on the other side.  I'm about halfway through it.  I haven't counted how many rows I have to go yet.  I'll save that for later today.  Once I know that I'll set a knitting goal for each day.

I have concerns that this top is going to be much too wide and not long enough.  A friend keeps reminding me that linen behaves differently after it's washed.  I'll have to play with it to get it to the proper dimensions.