Might the Chaos End Soon?

My crazy life might finally be settling down.  At least it looks like it might.  It has been over a month now since my mom passed away.  I have been so busy that I don't feel like I've had any proper time to grieve.  The chaos should end within the next week if all goes as planned.

A couple unexpected events have added to the chaos.  Ed and I both had uncles pass away.  Their deaths weren't totally unexpected, but, like my mom, the final decline happened suddenly.  I wasn't able to get to my uncle's funeral,  I said a special prayer for him and kept him in my heart during that morning.

Last weekend we moved Kristin to Ann Arbor.  She officially started dental school and is on her way to becoming Dr. Kristin.  She's going to have a lot of hard work between now and then, but I'm sure she can do it.

Among the chaos I managed to get to the Mid Ohio Fiber Festival a couple weekends ago with a friend.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  I couldn't stop myself from buying a few goodies.

First purchase was this handy little knitting accessory kit.  My friend had gotten herself one at Stitches.

Several vendors had patterns that caught my eye.

I tried on a sample of the Vine Street Vest and fell in love.  Another vendor had a cotton/linen blend that will work perfectly for it.

As a side note:  this particular vendor told us that Rowan will no longer be distributed in the US.  Snatch up what you can from you LYS while supplies last.  Thank goodness of online purchases.

Another vendor was selling angora fiber.  Rizzo is the fur from a French Angora bunny.  The owner said she is "a bit of a bitch".  Oh well.  Doesn't matter to me. All I care is that she has the most Heavenly soft fur.

This lovely hank of sock yarn came from an indie dyer named Shirsty Cat.  It is BFL sock yarn in  the colorway "Garden of Good and Evil".

Valhalla Acres was there selling their roving.  I've purchased their roving before and it is great to spin.  I got 8 ounces of black and red to make Blake some University of Cincinnati items.

On the knitting front, I made some good progress on Sunset.   I am now working on one of the back and forth sections.  About 17 inches more of knitting and I will be done.