Wished I Knew I Could Have Slept In

I'm still learning the ins and outs of being a contractor.  Working for the state means that I have to take off certain days even if I don't want to.  June 30 was the end of the fiscal year for the state.  All contractors, myself included, were told to not come into work after June 30 until our respective vendor called to say the purchase order was renewed.  Preliminary estimates were that all contractors would be back by July 11.  My vendor called me a couple weeks ago to say that she had my renewal and I was expected to be back in the office on July 5. This morning, after having a 4-day weekend, I got up at my usual 5:50 am, showered, dressed, packed my lunch and drove downtown.  After parking I walked the 8 blocks in the pouring rain to the office.  After being there about 2 1/2 hours this morning, the department admin noticed me sitting at my desk.  She said I wasn't supposed to be there since my purchase order had not been renewed.  Confused, I called my vendor who said she had just received word that in fact my PO was not renewed yet.  So, I picked up my things and headed back to my car.  Fortunately the rain had passed and the walk back to the car was not so bad.  

Not sure how long I will be out of work.  I'm assuming I'll have all of this week off.  I guess I'll get a few projects done around the house.

Since I had the day off, I called a friend and met for lunch.  After lunch we wandered over to one of my favorite LYSs.  She doesn't knit but I was tempting her with the fumes of some yummy yarn.  One of the ladies there was telling her about the beginner knitting class.  I bought a ball of Zauberball Sock for an upcoming Knit-along from Knit Purl Hunter.

Our 4th of July weekend was pretty quiet.  Blake has been away with his cousins, Kristin is at school and Trisha worked a lot.  Ed spent most of his time working on a project in the garage or binge watching a series on Netflix.  I did some yard work on Saturday, knit on my linen top and read.

The first divided section of the linen top is a bit longer than 5 inches.  I need to keep cranking on this or else it will be too cool to wear it when it is finished.